US off-trade sales of spirits are still growing

According to data from the analytical company Nielsen, the growth in sales of spirits in the week ending July 18, continued to exceed the wine and beer segments of US retail. Scotch whisky is one of the fastest growing categories in terms of the off-trade sale of spirits in the United States, as the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic are being slowly removed.

Growing sales of spirits in USA 

In the one-week period ending July 18, retail sales of US spirits increased by 29.3%. At the same time, sales of wine increased by 19.7%, and sales of beer, malt flavoured drinks (FMB) and cider by 15.4%.

According to Danelle Kosmal from Nielsen, the latest growth rates may be an indicator of the direction of American consumers' preferences for the coming periods, illustrating the potential of individual categories in the dynamically changing conditions of the industry.

Nielsen analysts compared the growth rates between the initial period of the COVID-19 pandemic (first week of March to late May) and the reopening period (from the week ending June 6 to the week ending July 18). The conclusions of the analysis indicate that American whiskey, liqueurs, gin, rum and vodka grew much slower than the total alcohol category. At the same time, they indicated Scotch whisky, Japanese whisky and cognacs as the fastest growing segments. Ready-made drinks (RTD) and tequila are also doing great.

Source: The Spirits Business

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