Whisky leads the EU spirits sector

The trade organization Spirits Europe has published a new report analyzing the spirits industry in the EU region plus Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland. The report revealed the production volume and turnover of the sector, pointing to the whisky category as the leader in terms of both turnover and production volume.

The analysis based on the 2019 data showed that Scotch and other whisky accounted for 31% of the production volume of all spirits produced in the EU plus countries, with 8.75 million hectoliters of Scotch and 1.29 million hectoliters of other whisky.

The combined category accounts for 29% of the region's total production turnover, at 29%; Scotch whisky contributed € 6.58 billion, and other whisky contributed € 1.1 billion.

Vodka was the second largest category in terms of volume, with 8.25 million hectoliters and 25% of production, and accounted for 20% of turnover with 5.3 billion euros, and the next category was flavored and national alcohols, which account for 24% of the production volume and a quarter of the sector's turnover.

The next categories were: Brandy (8% of the volume and 7% of the turnover), cognac (5% of the volume and 12% of the turnover), gin (5% of the volume and 5% of the turnover) and rum (1% of the volume and 1% of the turnover value).

Source: www.thespiritsbusiness.com

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