75 years old Scotch whisky avaiable at an online auction

27-04-2020, 15:32

At the turn of April and May 2020, Sotheby's Hong Kong auction house will conduct two large auctions of luxury wines and spirits, including the largest online auction of spirits held by this house, compromising as many as 130 lots. The offered bottles include very rare, unique whiskies, including...


Investors reach for whisky as an alternative to financial markets

27-04-2020, 13:22

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic which has brought about much turbulence in the stock exchange and raw material markets, investors are now more and more often looking for more secure assets into which they could deposit their funds and wait through the uncertainty in the financial markets....


Necessary support for British hospitality sector

23-04-2020, 12:33

Hospitality and food industries are extremely significant for the British economy, but also most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The hospitality sector provides workplace for more than 3.2m people, which represents 11% of total employment in the United Kingdom. It is the third largest...


Chivas Regal releases Scotch whisky aged in tequila casks

21-04-2020, 13:35

Scotch Whisky Association announced new rules last year that expanded the variety of casks authorized for maturing Scotch whisky. It seems that the producers liked the freedom in experimenting with the methods of maturation. At the beginning of this year, Dewar released the blended whisky...


Industry is jointly facing the challenges related to COVID-19

20-04-2020, 13:53

The economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for the alcohol industry are hard to estimate, but HoReCa sector staff will certainly be severely affected. The lockdown of restaurants, hotels and bars can translate into the loss of jobs for thousands of people. These people will not,...

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