Exports of Scotch grew strongly last year

The Scotch Whisky Association has today revealed industry export figures for 2019, showing worldwide growth.

The figures, compiled from HRMC export data, show that the export value of global Scotch Whisky exports grew by 4.4% to £4.91bn, with growth in 106 of its global markets. The number of 70cl bottles exported also increased, growing to the equivalent of 1.31bn, up 2.4%.
Export growth was driven in particular in Asia and Africa, with value increases of 9.8% and 11.3% respectively.
However, a 25% tariff on the import of Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Scotch Whisky liqueurs into the United States means the outlook for the industry remains uncertain, particularly given that this tariff could rise.

Summary - great year for Scotch whisky

- Export value of Scotch Whisky in 2019 was £4.91bn , +£208m compared with 2018
- The previous high for export value was £4.7bn in 2018
- 1.31bn 70cl bottles of Scotch Whisky were exported in 2019, +2.4% compared with 2018
- The previous high for export volume was 1.28bn 70cl bottles in 2018
- 42 bottles were shipped overseas each second in 2019
- Scotch Whisky is sold around 180 markets worldwide
- Scotch Whisky accounts for over 20% of all UK food and drink exports

Top 10 Scotch Whisky Markets

The largest export destinations for Scotch Whisky (defined by value) in 2019 were: 
USA: £ 1,069m +2.8% on 2018
France: £ 432m -2.4% on 2018
Singapore: £300m -6.3% on 2018
Taiwan: £205m +22% on 2018
Germany: £184m +5.6% on 2018
Spain: £180m +4.8% on 2018
India: £166m +19.7% on 2018
Japan: £147m +16.1% on 2018
Latvia: £142m +8.1% on 2018
Mexico: £121m -8.1% on 2018

The largest export destinations for Scotch Whisky

(defined by volume, 70cl bottles) in 2019 were: 

France: 173m bottles -7.9% on 2018
India: 131m bottles +16.1% on 2018
USA: 127m bottles -7% on 2018
Japan: 60m bottles +19.7% on 2018
Spain: 56m bottles +1.7% on 2018
Mexico: 51m bottles -14% on 2018
Germany: 50m bottles +8.3% on 2018
Singapore: 44m bottles -1.6% on 2018
Brazil: 43m bottles +10% on 2018
South Africa: 42m bottles +0.2% on 2018
Regional data

In 2019, Scotch Whisky exports by global region (defined by value) were:

European Union: £1,476m                   +5.4% (30% of global exports)

North America: £1,284m                      +1.9% (26% of global exports)

Asia and Oceania: £1,239m                 +9.8% (25% of global exports)

LatAm and Caribbean: £379m              +2.7% (8% of global exports)

MENA: £240m                                        -12.9% (5% of global exports).

Africa: £176m                                         +11.3% (4% of global exports)

Western Europe (non-EU) £83m         -1.8% (2% of global exports)

Eastern Europe (non-EU): £37m              +20.4% (1% of global exports)

Source: www.scotch-whisky.org.uk

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