International Whisk(e)y Day

March 27 is a special day for whisky (and whiskey) devotees worlwide. Since 2009, this is the day when the International Whisk(e)y Day has been celebrated. On that special day, many of us, Aqua Vitae lovers, try to properly celebrate our favourite drink, including those who have had a significant impact on making it popular across the world. This event has been established in the honour of British writer, Michael Jackson, and it is celebrated on the day of his birthday. This initiative aims to also support charity organizations related to Parkinson’s disease from which Jackson suffered.

The International Whisk(e)y Day was first announced on March 27, 2008, and then it was officially  launched the next year. The initiative was conceived at the Whisky Festival in north Netherlands, out of the idea of a group of whisky writers, including Charles MacLean, Dave Broom, Martine Nouet and Helen Artur. Its purpose was to honour their friend and legendary whisky writer, Michael Jackson.

However, this day is not only about the celebration of whisky – each year Aqua Vitae fans donate money to selected charity organizations, most frequently those related to Parkinson’s disease.

Great day for Scotch whisky fans

The organizers encourage people to participate in this event in many ways – mostly by finding the time to raise a dram of their favourite drink and celebrate the wonderful and diverse world of whisky and whiskey, but also by donating to a selected charity organization. This initiative is also to make whisky even more popular, and that is why the participants are encouraged to spread the news online as much as possible – by posting toasts with #WhiskyDay hashtag or taking selfies tagged #WhiskyDaySelfie and posting them on their social media.  

Usually, bars and distilleries hold special events on March 27, in relations to this holiday, however, this year it will not be possible due to COVID-19 outbreak. This year, any online activities and communication of whisky lovers via internet will be especially important.  

One of the examples could be sampling via Facebook which is going to be held by Scottish distillery Glengoyne. On Friday night, internet users can join live sampling and the so called Q&A with the brand ambassadors – Gordon Dundas and Gordon Dallas.

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