Record breaking launch of The Macallan Red Collection

Le Clos, a luxury alcohol boutique located in Dubai's airport Terminal 3, has launched its exclusive The Macallan Red Collection. Despite the airport now serving only half of the passengers, compared to the period before the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch turned out to be a huge success, with sales of $ 2 million in one day, eclipsing all other launches in the retailer's history. The support of online campaign during the launch was of great importance for such high sales.

The premiere both in the boutique and on the Internet meant that all bottles were reserved within 24 hours by customers mainly from Europe, China and Dubai. The prices of bottles from the collection ranged from 15 000 up to 87 000 USD, with the highest demand for the whisky with the highest age statement.

Ben Odgers, CEO of Le Clos, told Forbes: “The sales were a result of our digital campaign. Select customers received an invitation giving them special access to an exclusive website to express their interest in purchasing from The Macallan Red Collection. The Macallan has a very strong connection with genuine, passionate whisky lovers all over the world and they trust Le Clos (because of) our expertise and experience. One customer alone spent $350,000, but then these are truly extraordinary expressions.”

While the pandemic is affecting prices in tourist retail, analysts from IWSR, a leading alcohol market research agency, say the success of the Red Collection launch confirms that top-shelf alcohol remains immune to the pandemic and other external factors.

The Macallan Red Collection features one of the oldest whiskys ever launched by the brand. Its heart is The Macallan 40 Years Old ($15,000), The Macallan 50 Years Old ($50,000) and The Macallan 60 Years Old ($65,000). The collection also includes editions of 71, 74, and 78, valued at $78,000, $82,000, and $87,000, respectively. These rare single malts are considered to be one of the oldest Scotch whiskys in the world, and the latter two are the oldest bottles ever released by the Macallan brand. According to the CEO of Le Clos, the oldest, 78-year-old whisky aroused the greatest interest.

It is no coincidence that the name of the collection alludes to the red color, inspired by e.g. Macallan's used sherry oak casks. Each bottle in the collection is presented in a red leather-lined oak box made of the same oak used for The Macallan casks.


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