24-07-2020, 09:54
Technological innovation in the Scotch whisky industry

Tradition is a very important factor in the Scotch whisky business both for the producers and fans of the product. Attachment to the customs established over the centuries, such as the use of the same products or whisky production methods, is often highly exposed in the producers' marketing...

16-07-2020, 12:06
Scottish distilleries - Miltonduff

Miltonduff is a Scottish whisky distillery, that currently belongs to the Pernod Ricard concern. It is located in the Speyside region, near the city of Elgin.  Miltonduff history Miltonduff Distillery was founded in 1824 by Andrew Peary and Robert Bain. In 1866 it was bought by William Stuart,...

16-07-2020, 09:07
SWA welcomes the British government's support package

In early July, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the annual summer economic update in the British Parliament. During his speech, he told about a package of measures supporting employment during the crisis, which is to provide companies with certainty of maintaining their presence on the market,...

13-07-2020, 12:58
AI can help you choose the perfect whisky for your taste

The diversity of the Scotch single malt whisky can seem overwhelming to newcomers. On the one hand the variety of flavors, distilleries, types of casks and finishes contributes to the greatness and growing popularity of single malts, but on the other it can be troublesome for people who do not...

30-06-2020, 14:35
CS, SC, non-chill filtered – how to read whisky labels

Getting into the world of Scotch whisky sooner or later we will come across terms like "cask strength", "single cask" or "non-chill filtered". The frequency of finding these terms on increases with the progress of our adventure with whisky - the more often we try rare and older editions or...

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