The RTD and low-ABV categories are taking the market by storm

26-02-2021, 15:08

While the biggest players in the alcohol market are counting losses after the challenging pandemic year 2020, the decay is emerging into a category that is winning more and more consumers, even in such a difficult time for the industry. IWSR, a leading agency researching the alcohol market,...


2020 Global Scotch whisky exports decline

18-02-2021, 11:44

According to figures published by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), global Scotch whisky exports fell by more than £ 1.1 billion in 2020, to £ 3.8 million. This means a decrease by about 23% compared to the record-breaking 2019. The value of exports at the lowest level since 2010, and exports...


Reopened Scottish distilleries

15-02-2021, 13:30

The iconic single malt distilleries Port Ellen and Brora are to be reopened by their owner, Diageo, as part of a £ 35 million investment. Both legendary distilleries are expected to be fully operational by 2021, and the new Master Distillers are already working hard to ensure that the first...


Spirit of Speyside Festival will return this spring

05-02-2021, 13:14

One of the largest and most well known whisky festivals in the world - Spirit of Speyside Festival - will take place this year in two editions. An online event is planned for spring, while the organisers are planning to conduct a separate event in a traditional way at the end of the year. The...


The Scotch whisky industry has published a new sustainability strategy

04-02-2021, 15:31

The new strategy, announced in January, commits the Scotch whisky sector to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2040 and drastically reduce the negative environmental impact of the industry elsewhere. It covers four main themes (tackling climate change, responsible water use, transition to a...

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